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img_9286_2We received and inspected a loss on December 28, and after a thorough inspection of the property we provided the homeowner with the following analysis.

  • The building is described as a 4 bedroom single family home, with the garage converted into a storage room and an attic space for some of the rooms.
  • On the evening of December 24, Christmas Eve, the homeowner was celebrating with his friends and candles were lit. A candle was too close to a Christmas ornament and it caught fire. The ornament was about 4 sf big and made of plastic.
  • Heavy to moderate soot was identified throughout the family room, dining room, kitchen, living room, entry, hall and light to none in the bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and storage areas. Also, some of the furniture and other valuables were damaged due to the event.

ServiceMaster by Eddie was responsible for cleaning affected building material, only a part of the personal content and furniture and repairs. Because of the sensitivity and liability issues a part of the affected areas and personal content was not cleaned, per homeowner's instructions.

Priority Overview and Scope of Work


1) Furniture and content
Due to heavy contents and furniture load in the rooms, a pack out was recommended; however, the homeowner chose an on site manipulation and clean up. Considering the sensitivity and value of his contents ServiceMaster by Eddie performed furniture manipulation, clean up and protection of the contents on site.


2) Flooring protection
Because there was parquet flooring, heavy paper and cardboard throughout the affected areas were placed.


3) Cleaning of the walls and ceilings
Family room ceiling wood rafters were heavily affected and showed charring in some areas. After going over the affected areas, wood rafters, trusses and beams with chemical sponges and wet rags, there was still a lot of soot left. The synthetic quality of the smoke was leaving permanent stains on the ceiling and walls of the affected areas.


4) Sanding and sealing of wood ceiling
The wood ceiling was sanded in order to get rid of stains, char and odor. Containment was erected to keep it as dustless and clean as possible. Once the ceiling was sanded it was stained with White Oak, natural color stain.


5) Trim, floor, ceiling masking and containments
After a heavy clean up of the walls and ceilings, protection masking and containments were placed in order to prime and paint the affected areas.


6) Upholstery and carpet cleaning
After the painting process was complete, furniture, fixtures and ornaments were placed back. ServiceMaster by Eddie proceeded by cleaning of the upholstery furniture and carpet.


7) Furnace and Duct Cleaning
At the time of the fire, the air conditioning unit was on and circulated smoke throughout the entire house and ductwork system.

Therefore, cleaning of the ducts, furnace and changing filters was performed, in order to eliminate odor and provide a better quality air.

Key Points:

Our services included a thorough inspection of the property and a very detailed cleaning process. During the cleaning process air scrubbers were placed with HEPA filters being changed everyday to clean and purify the air from smoke and dust. Protective plastic, blankets and foam pads were used to eliminate damages and contamination.

The repairs process was also made very efficiently by having skillful technicians on site and a supervisor to oversee the delicacy of the work. The homeowner was very worried about his contents; therefore subcontractors specializing in antique and historical artifacts were contracted to perform part of the work.